We offer our knowlege of software production and web application development, and security and quality assurance

We have broad experience in design of software production environment, it's processes and procedures that will guarantee reliability and quality of software, read more about our experience i certification.

Agile Software Development

We help to design and deploy of software production processes, propose tools tailored to the needs of these processes and train staff to use them efficiently.

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Web application security

We perform security audits for Web and SaaS applications involving the auditing of source code in Java, C #, Ruby and Pyhon.

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Application and code quality

We have many years of experience in software design and testing, are eager to share this experience helping companies on how to build a manufacturing process and testing, advise on what elements of the methodologies and tools are worth paying attention to and implement in the company production environment, we can help to asses software quality and security by performing source code audits.

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